Boston based Creative Coding groups

I've noticed a recent uptake in creative coder meetups, so I've decided to post some of them here.

Boston based Creative Coding groups

Boston Artists + Coders google group
"For artists who like to code and coders who love to create, This is a collaborative space for creative coders, designers, and artists to come together to share the latest tips, tricks, and techniques in any area from data visualizations, to generative art, to kinect hacks. Focusing on open tools like Processing, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Protovis and R." -- this is a group Martha started a couple years back, but has been dormant for a year or so. At one point I was helping, but unfortunately work and stuff got in the way. We may decide to kick start it again. We had about 40-50 showing up for meetings at one point.

Art+Code Boston Meetup
"We're a community of artists, designers, engineers, programmers, and hackers interested in working with creative coding platforms like openFrameworks, Cinder, Processing, Unity3D. We enjoy things like real-time graphics rendering, physical computing, robots, projection maps, and interactive art installations. We do this professionally, academically, artistically, or just purely for the joy of making awesome stuff, every day. We meet regularly and casually to share tips, swap ideas and form collaborations in a friendly, social environment." -- this one was started by David and (I think) Leigh over at MIT Media Lab. I believe they had one official meetup, but I was unable to attend. Looks like it was a success at about 20-30 folks attending.

Boston Creative Coders group
This group started meeting very recently. There have been a few meetings. One was held at Artisan's Asylum just a few months back.

Dorkbot Boston - the mailing list is still going, but I'm not sure if they meetup formally. This is a much older group and covered way more than mere creative coding items.

Nathan setup a "Computer Graphics" user group that has regular meetings, downtown.

This isn't necessarily local to Boston, but if you can't find it easy to make it to meetups, this is a more convenient way to hear about stuff going on the broader creative community.

Creative Coding Podcast (UK based)
"In The Creative Coding Podcast, Iain and Seb discuss the ins-and-outs of programming for visual and creative applications." -- I've know seb_ly for a while. I've behind on episodes, but it's a good, relaxing, informal way of getting news about the broader creative community.

I'm going to post a list of resources soon, that includes things like, but the above are some provide a good social settring in the Boston area for creative coders.

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